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Auto Extract All your Resumes from Emails and Desktop

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Place Candidates from your Own Internal Candidate Database

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Extract Resumes from Gmail, Outlook and Many more.

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Extract Resumes from your Desktop and Network Drives

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Extract Resumes from Google Drive and One Drive

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Tobu Customers

Tobu is used by Recruitment Agencies and Corporates around the Globe

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Tobu Privacy and Security

We love our customers. They spread the love.


Your Data is Yours Alone. Tobu is GDPR compliant.


Super Secure DB. Security Audited by Bishop Fox (Google partner).


Tobu is one of the highest rated apps on Capterra

Tobu Features

Place Candidates from your Existing Database and Save thousands

  • Sync Email

    Extract Resumes from Email

  • Sync Desktop

    Extract Resumes from Desktop

  • Search

    Search your internal candidate database

  • Extract Spreadsheets

    Extract parsed data like contact details.

  • Email Candidates

    Reach out to matching candidates in bulk.

  • Candidate Relationship Management

    Organize by jobs, clients, folders etc

  • Integrate

    To your own website or ATS/ CRM.

  • Watermark

    Add company logo on your resumes

How Tobu Works

Tobu is NOT an ATS. It is the fastest way to get your Resumes sorted from your Email and Desktop.


Link your Email & Desktop in 2 minutes

  • Use the secure authorized APIs from the email vendor which you are using to link your Email account and your Desktop. You are done. Tobu does the rest.


Automated Resume Identification and Backup

  • Tobu's unique patent pending algorithms identify all the resumes you have ever collected from your email attachments and desktop folders and backs it up in your private Tobu account. It will do this for both your history as well as daily incoming emails going forward.


Automated Resume Parsing & Analytics

  • No manual entry. Tobu's powerful AI based parsing engine auto identifies Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Locations, Experience etc. and de-duplicates your resumes. This allows you to extract excel downloads of candidate received automatically.


The Best Search Engine in the Market

  • Tobu goes far beyond simple keyword searches to find the best fit for your criteria to a high degree of detail in seconds. For ex: Top Java Developers, 3-6 years experience within 50 mile radius of Zip 90210


Reactivate Your Passive Database

  • Send mailer campaigns to all your archived candidates to get the latest updated resumes using automated targeted mass mailing campaigns with resume upload links and pre-screening forms.


Organize, Collaborate and Integrate

  • Use Tobu's auto organization tools and collaborate with your team and vendors/clients to track your recruitment workflow, schedule interviews, collect resumes via social media, career page and much more. You can integrate into your existing/ Custom ATS.

Tobu FAQs

Q: What do I get in the free plan?

Upto 500 resumes will backup from your Email / Desktop. You can store and search up to 500 resumes. Tobu will extract resumes out of your email for 2 weeks. You will also get the desktop backup feature for 2 weeks.

Q: What happens when I hit the resume limit on my chosen plan?

Tobu does not auto upgrade. The resume sync will pause and you will have the option to choose to upgrade to the next resume tier. You will still be able to access all the resumes in your current Tobu database. You can also choose to mass delete old/ irrelevant CVs to free up space.

Q: How often can I back up my data?

Tobu auto backs up data from your email/ desktop into Tobu every few minutes. If are looking to get a backup of your Tobu data, you can request the Tobu team and we can provide this on a case by case basis. By default, we do this once a year.

Q: How Secure is my data on Tobu?

Firstly your data is yours alone. We do not share data with any other parties. Also, we are a GDPR compliant firm. Secondly, we go through a comprehensive security audit evey year Bishop Fox, a leading security audit firm and are a verified partner of Gmail to ensure that the code is secure and we follow leading securtiy protocols in the Industry. So yes, your data is private and secure

Q: Which Languages/ Geographies does Tobu work in?

Tobu works on English resumes only at the moment. It is a global product and has customers across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Germany, Egypt, New Zealand, Pakistan...

Q: What Happens when I choose to stop using Tobu?

We zip your resumes, return it to you and delete your data on our systems.

Q: Can Tobu integrate into my existing system/ process?

We have a very straight forward career page integration which you can link to your own website in a few seconds (very minimal coding experience required). If you are looking for more advanced integrations / whitelabeling option, we are happy to talk- [email protected]

Q: Where can I see all the features in action?

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