World's First Email and Desktop Resume Extractor

Build a Resume Database in Seconds

Extract All your Resumes Automatically

10 years of data entry work in 2 minutes

Works with Gmail, Outlook, Windows and Mac Desktops, Google Drive, One drive and many more. Tobu builds the database automatically. Search and Place Candidates from your Own Private Database


'I have literally tried over 15 softwares for recruitment and yours and bullhorn is definitely best, maybe even better than bullhorn because yours is so straightforward' - Jackie, Talent Inc, Canada'Tobu has been a game changer for my staffing company! I had been looking for an easy to use intuitive CRM recruiting tool for years and finally found it. Support and customer service is outstanding. ' - Chris Bailey, Mindseekers, USA

1. Link Your Email/ Desktop (2 mins)

Use the secure authorized APIs from the email vendor which you are using to link your Email account and your Desktop. You are done. Tobu does the rest.

2. Resume Identification and Backup

Tobu's unique patent pending algorithms identify all the resumes you have ever collected from your email attachments and desktop folders and backs it up in your private Tobu account. Tobu will also backup resumes for your entire team going forward.

3. Resume Parsing and Analytics

No manual entry. Tobu's powerful AI based parsing engine auto identifies Name, Email, Phone Numbers, Locations, Experience etc. and de-duplicates your resumes. This allows you to extract excel downloads of candidate received automatically.

4. The Best Search Engine

Tobu goes far beyond simple keyword searches to find the best fit for your criteria to a high degree of detail in seconds. For ex: Top Java Developers, 3-6 years experience within 50 mile radius of Zip 90210

5. Email Campaigns

Search and send bulk mailer campaigns with Email templates to your archived candidates to collect updated resumes. Send auto response forms to candidates to collect additional details like Salary data.