About Tobu.ai Blog

About Tobu.ai Blog

Welcome to the Blog of Tobu, the world’s first Email and Desktop Resume Extractor. Tobu is a recruitment tool that automatically identifies and backs up all the resumes from your Emails and Desktop. Tobu is the easiest way to build an Private Searchable Resume Database for your company. All you need to do is link Tobu to your existing Email account (Gmailoutlook etc) and/or Download Tobu Desktop App for Tobu to automatically scan, identify and parse all the resumes that you currently possess into an internal searchable private database for your company. Further, you can search for Candidates when you have new openings and reach out to your candidates via email campaigns to keep your database active and up to date.

External resume databases can be expensive and every resume you download should be re-usable in the future and as a recruiter, your curated resume database is extremely valuable. Make sure you never lose a resume again and see how you can build your own database with the most powerful tool ever built for the purpose of backing up and building your own private database of Candidates on Tobu.


2 minutes is all it takes to get started and link your email account


We directly integrate into Gmail / Outlook/ other Email services and have a Desktop Application (similar to Dropbox, but for resumes only)


Tobu’s pricing is transparent. If you were to manually identify and download resumes, it would cost you tens of thousands of hours. Tobu does it using AI in 2 minutes. Never lose a resume- your resumes are your most valuable assets as recruiters.

Sign up for a free on Tobu.ai and find out how many resumes you have hidden away in your Email and Desktop right now.

Tobu is currently used by recruiters in over 10 countries across the globe. For more details on Tobu, please visit https://tobu.ai