Gmail Resume Extractor - How to extract resumes from your Gmail?

Gmail Resume Extractor - How to extract resumes from your Gmail?

Tobu is the World’s first Email Resume Extractor- a tool that can automatically scan your email inbox and extract resumes that have been sent to you. Tobu can quickly build a database of resumes from your inbox. Tobu’s Gmail Resume Extractor links to your Gmail through APIs to scan and extract all the resumes. Tobu is also compatible with Microsoft 365 and Outlook and other custom email hosts. It also has a desktop version that can extract, organize, and back up resumes from your computer.

Why use Tobu’s Gmail Resume Extractor?

Collecting and organizing resumes can be a time-consuming and tedious task for recruiters. Tobu is a tool that can help streamline this process by automatically extracting resumes from a recruiter’s email inbox and storing them in a central repository. This can be done quickly and easily by connecting Tobu to the recruiter’s Gmail servers through a simple API. This can save a significant amount of time and effort compared to manually labeling and transferring each resume individually.

How to use the Gmail Resume Extractor

1. Sign up on Tobu using the Signup via Gmail option. Please use your business email for sign up to quicken the process. If you use a non business email it will take a little longer for the account approval process. 

2. You will be redirected to your Gmail login and prompted to link to your Gmail Inbox, please read and accept the link.

3. That’s it. Tobu starts scanning your Gmail and will start populating your resume data in a few minutes. 

4. You could choose to extract the information out in an Excel sheet or simply go through and search through the resumes within Tobu.

5. You could also request for a zip file of all the resumes Tobu extracted from your inbox.

6. You could optionally use the standardized resumes to populate your existing recruitment systems/ ATSs


Tobu’s Gmail Resume Extractor will automatically identify all the resumes you ever received in minutes and backs them up into a searchable resume database which you can use to place candidates in the future. The Gmail Resume Extractor saves thousands of hours in manual data entry and thousands of dollars in candidate sourcing costs. Tobu is the only product in the world that does this at the time of writing this article.