Desktop Resume Extractor - How to extract and search resumes from your desktop?

Desktop Resume Extractor - How to extract and search resumes from your desktop?

Tobu’s Desktop Resume Extractor is an innovative tool that automatically extracts resumes from desktop folders and backs them up. It is the first system of its kind and can process thousands of resumes in just a few minutes. Tobu’s desktop resume extractor can organize and de-duplicate resumes stored on your computers. In addition to its desktop backup, Tobu also has versions that work with Microsoft 365/Outlook and Gmail, and it can also be integrated into custom email hosts. For more information checkout Tobu’s Gmail Resume Extractor and Tobu’s Outlook Resume Extractor. Overall, Tobu makes it easy for recruiters to build a comprehensive resume database without any manual effort.

Why use an Desktop Resume Extractor?

Resumes are expensive. We understand how much effort goes into collecting and curating these resumes over the years for recruiters. While there are ATSs and CRMs that help maintain resume repositories, it becomes really hard to populate these systems. In a lot of cases, we have noticed that a lot of resumes are in the Desktops and network drives of the recruiters and it takes too much time to manually label each resume and push them into the systems. Tobu solves exactly this problem by automatically identifying all the resumes from your history and going forward in a matter of minutes through a simple Desktop application that can be downloaded and used to build a private resume database and make all your resumes searchable in minutes.

How it works

1. Sign up on Tobu using the Signup via Gmail or Microsoft 365/ Outlook option. Please use your business email for sign up to quicken the process. If you use a non business email it will take a little longer for the account approval process. If you do not wish to link your Email (highly recommended though) during the sign up and want to use just the desktop version, please reach us through the request Demo form

2. Once you complete the sign up, please download Tobu which can be found on the Sync Desktop option on the left hand bar. Tobu Desktop is available for Windows and Mac.

3. Once downloaded, please install Tobu Desktop on your computer. Once installed, login and click on the option sync desktop on the left. 

4. Select a folder from your computer that potentially has resumes and start backup. 

5. That’s it. Tobu start scanning your folder and it’s subfolders to extract all the resumes and parse resume data from them. And will start populating your resume data in a few minutes. 

6. You could choose to extract the information out in an Excel sheet or simply go through and search through the resumes within Tobu.

7. This is also backed up to our web interface at it cloud where you could search for all your resume on the move/ through multiple machines.

8. You can also choose to create team accounts where you can do the same from different computers into one Central database where your entire team can search from. 


Tobu’s Desktop Resume Extractor will automatically identify all the resumes from your Computer folders in minutes and backs them up into a searchable resume database which you can use to place candidates in the future. The Desktop Resume Extractor saves thousands of hours in manual data entry and thousands of dollars in candidate sourcing costs. Tobu is the only product in the world that does this at the time of writing this article.