Is Naukri Free or Paid?

Is Naukri Free or Paid?

As a recruiter, finding the right platform to post job openings and access a vast talent pool is crucial. One of the leading job portals in India, Naukri, often comes up in conversations. But, a common question arises: Is Naukri paid or free? Let's dive into the details to understand the cost structure and features of Naukri for employers.

About Naukri

Naukri is a premier job portal in India, renowned for connecting job seekers with potential employers. The platform boasts a comprehensive range of services, from job posting and resume database access to advanced recruitment management solutions. With a robust database of over 70 million job seeker profiles, Naukri is an invaluable resource for recruiters aiming to find the best talent.

Features of Naukri for Employers

Naukri offers several robust features tailored to meet the needs of employers:

  1. Job Posting:
    • Hot Vacancies: Premium job postings featuring unlimited job descriptions, company branding, and the ability to send job alerts to candidates.
    • Classifieds: Basic job listings with limited job descriptions and the ability to receive matching CVs on two email ids.
  2. Resume Database Access:

Access to a vast database of over 70 million profiles, searchable based on criteria such as job title, location, and skills.

  1. Recruitment Management Solutions:

Automation of the hiring process, including sourcing, database management, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

  1. Personalized Search:

An AI-powered search algorithm to help recruiters find the most suitable candidates based on their past actions and preferences.

  1. Referral Tool:

Facilitates job postings for referrals, includes an activities summary dashboard, and customizable referral mailers.

  1. Recruiter Profile:

Highlights profiles of prolific recruiters and showcases the jobs they have posted on Naukri and other job portals.

Is Naukri Free or Paid?

While Naukri provides some basic features for free, many of its advanced services and features require a subscription or payment. The cost structure is dependent on the type of service and the chosen subscription plan.

Cost of Naukri

Naukri’s pricing varies based on the job posting type and the subscription period:

  1. Hot Vacancy Packs and Subscriptions:
    • Premium job posting services offering extensive features like unlimited job descriptions, company branding, and job alerts. Costs vary depending on the number of job postings and the subscription period.
  2. Classified Listing and Subscription:
    • Basic job listings with limited features. These are more affordable compared to the Hot Vacancy Packs and Subscriptions.

For a detailed breakdown of the costs, you can visit Naukri’s pricing page.


In summary, while Naukri offers some basic features for free, its advanced services and features come with a cost. The expenses associated with using Naukri depend on the type of service and the subscription plan chosen by the employer. For recruiters looking to leverage a powerful platform with extensive features, investing in Naukri’s paid services can be highly beneficial.

For more detailed information about the plans and pricing, you can explore Naukri’s official website.

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