What is an Internal Resume Database?

What is an Internal Resume Database?

Top recruitment & talent acquisition professionals like you are always looking for better ways to source candidates. In this article, we try to get an intuitive understanding of your own internal sourcing channel.

Simply, the candidate resumes that you already have with you (either in your email, desktop, or any kind of storage system that only you have access to), constitute your internal resumesAnd when these resumes are organized and searchable (easily accessible), they can be called your “internal resume database”. To understand the nature of the candidate resumes in your internal database, it is important to understand how you acquired/sourced those resumes in the first place.

Let’s consider a typical sourcing process. In order to source candidates, you would have to do at least one of two things at a high level:

– Attract candidate applications (where “they find you”)

– Discover candidates (where “you find them”)

Going deeper, attracting candidate applications might involve identifying relevant job boards and platforms, crafting and posting ads, writing blogs, creating vlogs, posting regularly on social media, making podcasts, doing PR, hosting career events, and the list goes on.

Candidate discovery might involve identifying and exploring different candidate resume databases, professional networks, and platforms, performing complex searches to zero in on the right candidates, reaching out to candidates and building a rapport/relationship, and so on.

Evidently, sourcing is time-consumingeffort-intensive, and expensive.

The result of such efforts though is a highly targeted list of candidates.

Another key distinction about most of these candidates is that they are already familiar with you (because:

– either they reached you

– or you reached them)

Essentially, your internal resume database is a set of highly targeted candidates who are already familiar with you.

In marketing and sales speak, leads that are highly targeted and familiar with your product or service are called “warm leads”. Thus, candidates in your internal resume database can be seen as “warm candidate leads” in your recruitment funnel.

With this as your backdrop, be sure to check out the next blog on Why build an Internal Resume Database?, to appreciate the true value of your database.

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